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Pilot of the Year 2014 – Round 1/6

PILOT OF THE YEAR 2014- Round 1

Here we go again for another year:

1. You are taxiing and you are about to enter the runway but you see an aircraft lined up and rolling on the same runway.  What separation and distance do you have to give the aircraft taking off. Tell instructor next to you.

2. After takeoff you have to make a local flight to Windamere dam. Show me the departure procedure that you would adapt. I also want you to tell me the other methods of departure. Please don’t say by car, motor bike, horse or bus. It must be in and aircraft

3. On track on our local flight and what happens next comes out of left field. You notice smoke coming out from under the engine cowl. You high tail it for home and all of a sudden you see flames coming out of the same area and covering the windscreen. You have to land. WHAT DO YOU DO? Don’t panic. Your passenger will be doing enough for both of you. Let me know what your going to do and how you are going to do it.

This will test you.

This is Australia Day and there will be Damper, Vegimite, Lamintons and Billy Tea.

This year there is no prize for the winner of the round as I am putting all the scores together this year and at the end of the year there is going to be one great prize. The WINNER is, all of you for the experience.

Flying at private hire rate and starts Sunday 26th January, 8am and if you cant make it you have until the following Sunday to complete it. Where there is availability. If the weather is different the scoring will be adjusted.

Please let me know if your attending for catering purposes.